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A study by the German Institute for Media and Competence Research revealed that more than 55% of companies already use e-learning and another 13% plan to use e-learning as a tool for employee instruction to disseminate knowledge in a targeted and flexible way. These findings were confirmed by a Bitkom survey in the summer of this year. Read our article to find out how you can use e-learning successfully in your modularization projects to ensure efficient development of modular products.

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Modularization is sold as a panacea

Modular product development is the magic pill that solves all your problems? Advertising messages that trumpet the advantages of modularization may leave you with that impression. In reality, however, modular development, like any other development strategy, has both weaknesses and strengths, as well as risks and advantages.

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Buy new a software to successfully modularize your products and then magically develop modular product architectures? In the MB Collaborations blog you will learn:

  • why these software solutions do not lead to the desired success in the development of modular systems and product architectures despite seductive advertising messages.
  • what strategic considerations should be made before investing in a software.
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