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CMII Europe 2014

CMII Europe 2014: Modular product development with goal to develop modular systems as an answer for individual requirements and cost pressure

High product variety at low planning and development efforts as well as a flexible and efficient production? This can be enabled by modular product development, if introduced and implemented properly. Our experts Ingo Boegemann and Daniel Mund (MB Collaborations) elaborated on these topics and further solutions on the fifth conference CMII Europe 2014 in Hamburg.

For mastering challenges like more individual customer requirements at high cost pressure, companies must shift as an organization from pure product orientation to modular product development, our experts stated in their presentation. Also it is important to take an external view, for example from a consultancy, for merging the change knowledge of the company with its human resources for a successful project.

Further impressions of the conference you will find here.


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General managers and founders of MB Collaborations, Daniel Mund and Ingo Bögemann, will be speaking at the morning session C on day 2 (21.06.2016) at 7:45 AM about the topic "Getting modular systems to work - does your organization need an update for the app modularization to work?"

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